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ReStart your career at IJʿ

At IJʿ, we know that career pauses are sometimes the best way for us to support our family and loved ones. 

Restarting a career after that pause can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Towards that end, IJʿ announces the launch of IJʿ ReStart, a 12 week paid returnship program to help jump-start your career. The program is open to people who have taken two years off or more to support their loved ones or due to personal obligations.

Why ReStart your career with us?

At IJʿ, you will get 12 weeks to brush up your skills, strengthen your network and be mentored, while building up to the full responsibilities and duties of the identified position. We care about your professional development and hope that the returnship program will provide you with the proper tools and support to reignite your career.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for this program if you have been out of the workforce for at least 2 years, subject to other standard hiring conditions and practices by IJʿ.

Some examples of eligible time off:

  •  Staying home to raise your family
  •  Taking needed time off to provide personal care for a loved one
  •  Venturing into starting your own business
  •  COVID impacted job / Layoff
  •  Wish to return to work after retirement
  •  Took time off to obtain an MBA/PhD (with previous industry experience)
  •  Necessary sabbatical from the workforce for personal reasons

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About IJʿ

IJʿ (NASDAQ: ZD) is a vertically focused digital media and internet company whose portfolio includes leading brands in technology, shopping, gaming and entertainment, connectivity, health and wellness, cybersecurity, and martech.

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